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Becoming Management Material

This workshop will teach participants how to master Peter Senge's five disciplines and add Kouzes and Posner's five practices to their life. It will help them build trust with employees and develop key management skills, including change management, time management, critical thinking, delegation, problem solving, presentation strategies, communications, strategic planning, and feedback techniques. We will also explore some ways that participants can build trust with employees.


A Leadership Skill

This workshop will teach participants how to use coaching to develop their team and to improve individual performance. We will explore the behaviours and practices of an effectivecoach. We will also look at recognizing employees' strengths and providing the feedback they need to succeed. Participants will examine important coaching skills in small groups, including; helping, mentoring, teaching, and challenging skills.


The Art of Delegating Effectively

Delegation is one of the hardest skills for a manager to master, however, this skill can be learned. This workshop will explore many of the facets of delegation: when to delegate, and who to delegate to. We will also go through the delegation process step by step, to see where the pitfalls lie, and what we can do about getting around them.


For the Non-HR Manager

In this workshop participants will learn the latest trends in the human resource field and the changing role of the human resource professional. We will explore how to write job specifications and how to identify core competencies. We will look at methods of finding, selecting, and keeping the best people using behavioural interviewing techniques. Performance reviews are a crucial part of helping employees grow and we will explore the performance review process through exercises, a case study and a lecture. We will also discuss absenteeism, privacy issues, discipline and termination.


Motivating Your Workforce

It is no secret that employees who feel they are valued and recognized for the work they do are more motivated, responsible and productive. This workshop will help supervisors and managers create a more dynamic, loyal and energized workplace. It is designed to specifically help busy managers and supervisors understand what employees want, and to give them a starting point for creating champions.


This workshop will teach participants to understand how often we all negotiate and the benefits of good negotiation skills. Participants will recognize the importance of preparing for the negotiation process, regardless of the circumstances and develop strategies for dealing with tough or unfair tactics.


Developing High Performance Teams

There have been hundreds of studies demonstrating that human beings function better and learn more effectively in groups. This workshop will cover practical topics like improving team communication, stimulating creativity, solving problems as a team, resolving internal and external conflict, and obtaining consensus. We will explore theory on team-building, as well as your team playing style. This workshop combines theory, tools, and practice, plus lots of team building exercises.

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