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“We have been both impressed and pleased with all aspects of our undertaking with CompassPoint Management Group. Their professionalism, expertise and guidance during an intense quality improvement process was exceptional –and their willingness to go the extra mile for us was truly amazing. I would highly recommend CompassPoint as a company whose people give very personalized service and return on investment.”
Alice Leverman
Chief Executive Officer
South Shore Health

"The three businesses that provide central operations services to Credit Unions in the Atlantic chose to merge into one new entity, called Atlantic Central. CompassPoint provided us with project management and support services to help us plan the integration of the businesses. Working directly with our CEOs and staff, they developed a detailed plan that will guide our team through this transition in key areas such as marketing, communications, budget, risk management, human resources and client services.

We were very pleased with the services provided by CompassPoint and their staff. As a result of their high-quality work, we would not hesitate to work with them again on other projects in the future."
Bernie O’Neil
President and CEO
Credit Union Central of Nova Scotia

"We were very pleased with the professional manner in which CompassPoint recently carried out a review of efficiencies and staffing levels of our Association. Based on their findings, they provided excellent recommended direction for our consideration. Their leadership in helping us to implement the recommendations has been very helpful."
Arnold G. Jones
Executive Officer
Nova Scotia Association of REALTORS®

"We were extremely impressed with the professionalism and quality of service provided by CompassPoint in a recent Nova Scotia engagement. The caliber of consulting resource and their capacity to help us meet the needs of our client were superb."
John Gilmour
Chief Executive Officer
THiiNC Health Inc.

"I highly recommend CompassPoint's professional service for their outstanding work on our ERP review. They very quickly, yet thoroughly reviewed our current business and information technology systems and provided us with a high level 3 year plan and cost estimates to implement an integrated enterprise solution. The quality and caliber of CompassPoint's resources was well worth the investment and allowed them to produce a quality product."
Neil Carruthers
Vice President, Administration
Acadia University

"CompassPoint was instrumental in helping our Division rethink the way we did business. Their program evaluation and strategic planning expertise transformed a program that was at risk to one that's a model of excellence."
Joe Rudderham
Director, Post-Secondary Disability
Services and Acting Director,
Private Career Colleges,
Department of Education

"CompassPoint provided invaluable insight and guidance in the development of our project Portfolio Management Program. Their expert knowledge in this area allowed us to start up the program in a very short time and fundamentally transform how we select and prioritize projects. We continue to look to them for expert guidance and support as we further develop the program.

We have been very pleased with all of our engagements with CompassPoint. They have access to an incredible body of talent in the in the IT/ Management Consulting field. Having direct access to the partners of the company has been a rewarding experience. Their interest and passion for what they do is contagious."
Donna Davis
Manager, Information Management
Halifax Regional Municipality

We have enjoyed the opportunities of working with clients in some very interesting sectors, but often challenging situations. These have ranged from very short, focused reviews to multi-year transition programs.

The following project profiles describe a sampling of our client situations and how we were able to help them.

Organizational Review

The structure of a new organization was reviewed to help them validate and refine their service delivery model. The organizational structure, processes, stakeholder expectations and client relationship models were assessed.

Program Evaluation and Strategic Planning

A Program Evaluation was conducted to assess the strengths, weaknesses, issues and priorities for change for a provincial government division. This included a review of the program funding and client service models. The program evaluation was followed by a strategic planning activity to chart a new course for the division, including a program of change to guide the transition.

Laboratory Services Redesign

As a result of a provincial-wide health services operational review, which identified sustainability, health human resources, capital investment and other issues the review suggested a greater degree of integration was required. Two Health Authorities decided to collaborate on the immediate and compelling requirement to redesign the current approach to providing laboratory medicine and pathology services. The purpose of the review was to provide recommendations on a new laboratory system model, business case and a high level plan that would all them to continue to improve the quality, sustainability and safety of laboratory medicine and pathology services in the Province. We co-led this initiative which involved more than 100 staff, managers, physicians and scientists participating. We provided thought leadership, project management, and process facilitation; plus business case analysis, laboratory system design and technology recommendations for a new Laboratory Information System (LIS) model.

Shared Service Planning

We led the design of a new Service Delivery organization, including the migration planning work to consolidate the existing service providers into a shared service operation. The entire operation was reviewed, including a business case, migration strategy and design of the new operation. The new organization design included a funding model that described how the capital and operating costs would be shared across the client departments.

Organizational Change Planning

Provided leadership on a strategic change program for a crown corporation which analyzed the market-place and developed a new approach to delivering its services. This resulted in a comprehensive plan for organizational restructuring and process changes. The needs for tools, technology and training also formed part of the new Service Delivery Model.

HR Organizational Review and Change Program

In the face of growing economic challenges, a municipality asked us to review their organizational effectiveness and identify any roadblocks to growth. The project focused on organizational structure, HR processes, business planning, financial and other management disciplines. We were then asked to lead a broad program of change that acted on all of the study’s recommendations.

Library Boards Funding Formula

A funding model was developed to govern how funds are shared between the Department of Education and its partner organizations in a specific sector. This included development of a funding methodology based on costing of core services, standards, measures, cost drivers and regional characteristics.

Records Management Program Assessment

A Records Management program was reviewed within the transportation industry including an assessment of current practice, process and policy. A strategy was developed describing the desired state with recommendations of how to achieve the program goals.

Knowledge Management Consulting

We have been providing knowledge management leadership to guide the definition of new standards for a federal health care program. This has led to improved access to standards and standards artefacts, knowledge sharing amongst stakeholders, evolution of the standards framework and facilitating the development of a standards communities of practice.

Service Level Agreement

We led a mediation process which established a Service Level Agreement between two government organizations that outlined the services, performance targets and expectations of both parties.

Project Management Framework

The introduction of a standard approach to managing all SAP projects within provincial government. The framework was a blend of project management best practices along with SAP implementation methods. The framework included an overall program structure plus methods, procedures, tools, techniques and guidelines. It also included samples and templates for a project dashboard, communications plan, project charter, reporting package, exception handling procedures and an operational readiness checklist.

Service Delivery Review

When a government agency saw the need to standardize its operational processes and improve its service delivery capability, CompassPoint conducted a review which assessed how well the current services were being delivered and identified areas that required improvement. This resulted in a change plan that was used to standardize the processes and ultimately improve customer service.

Portfolio Management Process

A client required an enterprise-level portfolio management process to guide the selection, prioritization and planning for all IT projects. This involved development of governance and management processes, tools templates and samples. A standard business case process and evaluation framework were also developed.\

ERP Review

A university began its planning to transition to a single, robust enterprise resource planning system. CompassPoint was asked to review the existing ERP and develop a preliminary business case to capture the high level costs, timeframes and scope required for the overall project.

Quality Assurance and Compliance Review

As a result of an external audit, a government department was required to create an internal audit-like function to ensure its $150M portfolio was being managed with the appropriate controls. After an organizational review, a risk assessment was conducted, resulting in the creation of a quality assurance and compliance capability.

Health System Change Planning

After a system-wide review, a provincial Health Department asked for our assistance to prioritize and address the issues resulting from the review. This became a broad program of change that touched all aspects of the health system, including primary care, home-based and long-term care, acute care, provincial programs and other strategic enablers of change. As a result of this assignment, we developed governance models, project management processes, an evaluation framework, and assisted in the creation of a project management office. This work included the delivery of project management training to the health system executive and about 25 project managers.

Organizational Review of Efficiencies & Staffing Levels

A review was conducted to assess a professional association’s efficiencies and staffing levels and identify areas that could be improved. The focus was on the organizational structure, communication practices, processes and systems and other general management practices. The review was carried out through a series of interviews with staff, a task force, its Board of Directors and a survey of all 1700 members.

Diversity Training

We led a province-wide training program to build awareness and acceptance of the province’s diverse population groups. Training was also targeted to senior managers to help them understand their accountability for valuing diversity. A Train-The-Trainer approach was used to expedite training to all provincial government employees. As many of the people selected to deliver the final courses were not experienced trainers, an additional workshop was conducted to develop practical training skills. It explored adult learning principles, learning styles, presentation skills, using visual aids and dealing with difficult trainees, among other topics.

Post-Merger Integration

When three financial institutions decided to merge and create an increased regional presence, they asked CompassPoint to guide them through the merger process. The project began with a definition of the areas that need attention, the decisions to be made and strategies to be developed prior to the transaction closing day, at which point the new organization would begin operations. The transition plan encompassed all major areas including governance changes, legislative compliance, financial requirements, service planning, human resource planning, facilities plans, and the transfers of assets, contracts and service agreements.