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CompassPoint exists to help our clients introduce change. We strive to become their trusted advisors, improving their business results through effectively managing change.

Our People

What makes us unique is our change management capacity. That is evident in our people – a deep pool of resources across the country who excel in their specific areas of practice. Some are specialists in a given industry, such as healthcare and education, while others focus on a management discipline, for example strategic planning, organizational behaviour and performance management.

Our Services

We have extensive experience in business planning, situational assessments, service planning, organizational design and change management. CompassPoint has been certified in Change Management by Prosci, a Change Management Training organization.

We offer thought leadership and capability in all four stages of the change process:

  1. Assessing the Need for Change
  2. Planning the Change
  3. Managing the Transition
  4. Sustaining the Change

We also offer a full series of training and development courses to build the skills required for our clients to prosper in the new environment.

Our Methods

Our capacity is also demonstrated in the methods we bring to our client engagements. We maintain a rich suite of techniques and tools to assist our clients in their change initiatives. These tend to fall into two broad categories – Diagnostic Tools to assess a situation and plan a response, and Intervention Tools to carry out specific changes.

One of our diagnostic tools is our Service Delivery Model which provides a lens through which we view service-based organizations. We use this model during organization reviews to gain a Line of Sight between the work an organization performs and the client outcomes it hopes to achieve. It focuses attention on the key supporting elements such as governance models, funding strategies, business partner value, client relationships, business plans and strategies, organizational design and human resource plans.

When we apply this model, we use a series of questions that test the value contribution of each of those service delivery elements, from which we derive a sense of the organization’s health and potential.

Key Areas of Value

We bring three key areas of value to our client relationships:

We put the right solution to work through creative planning, organizational change and quality improvement.

We help businesses embrace and enjoy the process of change. We help build organizational resiliency, improve business efficiency and technology processes, increase the capacity of existing staff and implement business measurement processes.

Our commitment is to get results. We strive to positively impact our client's business.